At Admirals Academy maths is an important part of our curriculum.

We have daily maths lessons which consist of mental maths and application of skills across the maths curriculum.

The main areas of study are number, shape, space, measure and data handling.

The new curriculum focuses largely on children being able to use formal methods of calculation and show reasoning skills. It is important to develop a deeper understanding of concepts and an ability to explain what is happening, as well as being able to apply this to a range of situations.

During the week children will examine the relevance of the area they are studying in relation to the outside world, do practical and written work and apply their skills to real life problems and investigations.

If you wish to know more about what children need to know at different ages and how they do calculations in class please feel free to contact the school. The teacher or maths co-ordinator will happily discuss this with you. Here are the things currently being learnt in each year group.

As always parents can help their children by ensuring that all homework is completed and returned, as well as assisting the children in learning their multiplication and division tables.

Multiplication tables for each year group are:-

Year 3 – 2, 5, 10, 3 and 4.

Year 4 – As above plus 6 and 8.

Year 5 – as above plus 7 and 9.

Year 6 – Consolidate all multiplication and division tables.

For further information on the national curriculum click here.

Year 3 targets Year 3 targets

Year 4 targets Year 4 targets

Year 5 targets Year 5 targets

Year 6 targets Year 6 targets