Year 3

Year 3 consists of three classes:-

Browne Class

– Taught by Miss Peters

Donaldson Class

– Taught by Mr Kearse

Riddell Class

– Riddell is a mixed class with Year 3 and 4 pupils within it.
– Taught by Miss Brown

This term, Year 3 are looking at Romans and the Roman invasion of Britain with this theme running through all curriculum areas.

In English, the children are looking at different types of poetry and trying to compare their work to Robert Louis Stevenson. Later in the term, the children will create persuasive writing arguments linking to the Roman invasion of Britain.

The children are very excited to be studying rocks in science and hopefully we will find the next geologist at Admirals Academy.

In PE, the children are completing gladiator circuit training, looking at fitness and beating their personal best in different activities.