At Admirals Academy our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our children. To ensure that they develop into enthusiastic and motivated learners who become learners skilled for the life that they want to lead.

We offer a varied programme of enrichment activities through WOW events, themed days, challenge days, visits, visitors, and PPA sessions; which all work to challenge learning and develop each child.

These activities seek to celebrate our community and the diversity contained within. Our British heritage is warmly embraced and is an integral part of our work.

All of this is supported with clear principles so that pupils will be:

  • Clear about the standards they are currently working at and what they need to improve
  • Ambitious and hardworking
  • Creative
  • Able to work collaboratively and independently
  • Critical thinkers who are able to solve problems
  • Confident and responsible users of learning technology

Close attention is paid to the development of key skills so that all of our children gain a firm foundation for the future.

Educational Visits

Educational visits and visitors help to extend opportunities and widen the pupils’ understanding of the world.

You can view some of our educational visits and enrichment activities for this year by clicking here

A week in the Life of Admirals Academy

Click here for further information on the week commencing 10th October 2016 a-week-in-the-life-of-admirals-academy-students-18-oct