Medical Conditions and Medication

Medical Conditions

Please contact the academy if your child has any medical needs and/or a disability. We can then put into place any support that may be required.


We are aware that there are times when your child will require medicine/tablets/creams during the course of the academic day and we are happy to assist you with this.
However, we are unable to give medicine to any child unless you have fully completed and signed our request form. This form can be accessed by clicking the link below.
Administration of Medication

This form must be completed for all medication, whether prescribed medication or over the counter treatments such as Calpol, throat sweets, aspirin etc.

We also ask that children do not keep medication on them. We have a locked medical cabinet in our All Aboard room where any creams, tablets, medicines can be stored securely. A member of staff will be happy to place the medication in the cabinet for your child.

Dietary Conditions

If your child has special dietary conditions/allergies etc. the kitchen are happy to cater for them. They do ask that you read the attached information and then complete the attached dietary form to enable them to assist.

Special Diet Policy

Special Diet Registration Form