Academy Closures and Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contact

When your child joins Admirals Academy you will be asked to complete an Admission form. This form will provide us with an accurate record of who to contact in an emergency, and how to contact them.
Please remember to let the office staff know if any of the contacts change their phone numbers or addresses.

Academy Closures

If for any reason we are unable to open the academy, details will be broadcast on Radio Norfolk, Radio Broadland or the Norfolk County Council website.
We will also send a bulk text message to our parents to advise of a closure. Texts will go to the first named contact (as advised by you) on your child’s records. If you would prefer texts to go to an alternative mobile number, please speak to the academy office who can set this up for you.
Please ensure that your mobile phone numbers are kept up to date with the academy office.

Text System

For your convenience we have an ‘academy to parent’ text system in place. The system automatically contacts the first named person from each child’s records, thus enabling us to contact parents quickly and easily in any situation.
Occasionally we will text you with information such as:-
Cancellation of clubs and activities
Reminders of family events
Reminders of closing dates of offers/special meals for your child